May Your Day Have Some Eucatastrophe In It

I am a huge fan of Tolkien and Lewis. I think there is great value in leaders reading such authors and allowing their insights to shape our inner life out of which we lead. Tolkien and Lewis both speak from a profound Christian worldview. Here are three images/quotes from Tolkien on which I recently reflected and taught.

The theme of EUCATASTROPHE is a profound one. It is the joyful ending for which we are hardwired as human beings. We love happy endings. We long for them. We miss them. The Gospel story begins in a world of great joy and Original Happiness - the Garden of Eden. The Gospel story ends in a world of great joy and Eternal Happiness - the New Creation. Smack in the middle is another eucatastrophe - incarnation and resurrection. These realities MUST define our inner world out of which we lead. This is the true source of all emotional intelligence - love, joy, peace, hope, gratitude, faith, courage and more.

Tolkien, Tolkien quote, eucatastrophe, resurrection, incarnation


Inbetween the Garden and the City of God, we live in a fallen world that is burdened with evil and the sorrows that arise from it. We do experience loss and grief that comes with loss. There are times when the messiness seems overwhelming. By the surprising grace of God, in the midst of the FORLORN times, HOPE emerges as an unexpected ally.

Tolkien, Tolkien quote, forlorn, hope, vital optimism


Quite similar to the previous quote, here Tolkien uses the themes of PERIL, DARK PLACES and GRIEF;  and the surprising grace gifts of God - much that is FAIR and the power of LOVE. When things seem darkest, there is the light of life.

Tolkien, Tolkien quote, peril, love

This seems to me to be that inner world of a deep spiritual life groudned in the person of God, the work of God, the presence of God with us, the promises of God for us and the words God gives to us. This is how and why we can lead.

We believe in EUCATASTROPHE.

May your day have some eucatastrophe in it.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International