Max De Pree on the Work of Leadership

Max De Pree quote, the first responsibility of a leader is to define reality

The first responsbility of a leader is to define reality.
The last is to say thank-you. In between the two,
the leader must become a servant and a debtor.

Max De Pree

This is one of those truly wise understanding of the work of leadership from the outstanding CEO and Chairman of Herman Miller - Max De Pree. I have read many of his books. They are wise, practical and delightful. If you have never read any of his books, I highly recommend Leadership is an Art and Leadership Jazz.

To learn more about Max De Pree, visit the website for the Max De Pree Center for Leadership.

This understanding of the work of leadership is a core mindset we will be using in the first month of the new leadership learning community and process I designed for Leadership ConneXtions International.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International