A Look at Our Worldview


Since I was first introduced to the 'Waterline Model' several years ago I have been fascinated by many of the 'below the waterline' issues that have such a strong influence on our lives.  One of those, our worldview, has been a front burner issue for me as I come to grips with how my secular worldview has infected my spirituality.  The influence is often sneaky, subtle, and even insidious.  It usually invites me to glorify myself and forget about God.  My sin patterns are bolstered by these influences causing me to fall to temptations with alarming regularity.

I am reading a book that was suggested by Hearts and Minds bookstore owner Byron Borger.  It is written by Albert Wolters called "Creation Regained, Biblical Basis for a Reformational Worldview". The main topic of the book is Creation, Fall, Redemption but his explanation of worldview was very helpful.  Here are some highlights

1) Worldview is defined as 'the comprehensive framework of one's basic beliefs about things

2) A worldview is a matter of one's beliefs which are different from feelings or opinions because they make a "cognitive claim" - that is, a claim of some kind of knowledge

3) Worldviews have to do with basic beliefs about things. They have to do with the ultimate questions we are confronted with; they involve matters of general principle

4) The basic beliefs one holds about things tend to form a framework or pattern; they hang together in a certain way or as humanists refer to them as a 'system of values'


He summarizes the dilemma with this quote "Unless such matters (ordinary secular) are approached in terms of worldview based squarely on such central scriptural  categories as creation, sin and redemption, our assessment of these supposedly 'non-religious' dimensions of our lives will likely be dominated instead by one of the competing worldviews of the secularized West."

That's where it became a front burner issue for me.  With all of the contentiousness in politics right now I have been forced to evaluate my views on secular topics in a much more Christian perspective.  It has had the effect of changing my heart.

John Hilliard

Leadership Connextions International