Life Long Learning and Personal Development

At the core of the LCI mission and vision is that of developing leaders.

We are very good at helping leaders develop a deep and meaningful spiritual life with Christ.
We are also very good at empowering and resourcing leaders with the skills, habits and perspectives of fruitful leadership.
Then we train leaders in the art of mentoring and spiritual direction.
Finally, we come alongside leaders to help them learn how to become architects of learning communities.

That is the core of LCI. We are essentially and relentlessly developmental. So we spend a lot of time studying how learning takes place in adults, how formation best unfolds and how development processes can be enhanced.

One of the things we have learned is how important it is for us to help you - learn how to learn. The more you understand the nature of the learning process, the more tools you have that make good learning possible, then the more you can contribute to the developmental processes we provide.

Here is an article that explains the Fifteen Most Important Principles of Personal Development. Download it, study it and do the reflection assignments to assess how goodyou are as a learner.


Blessings on your learning journey . . .

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International

LCI - here to help you in your Life Long Learning (Grow to Your Maximum Potential)