The Library as the Testament of Reading

to build a library is to build a life

To build a library is to create a life.
It is never merely a random collection of books.

The Paper House


A library is a reflection of the collector-reader. I suppose there are some readers who are utterly spontaneous, and unrestrained in their purchase of books. They read widely, and give little thought or focus to their reading.

But the majority of readers are focused, particular, and as they build their library, they build their life. The books on the shelves are the external reflection of the life that is inside. If you would look at my shelves, you would know a lot about me. For those who read my writings, listen to my teaching, share in conversations, and partner together in work and ministry, they especially know the congruence of my library with my life.

own books and read themShow me your shelves and you show me your interests. You show me what you will spend time pursuing. You show me your soul.

As a library grows, it is likely that the life of the reader is growing as well. Books are not simply to be on display. They are to be read, savored, ingested, digested, absorbed, assimilated. They are agents of change and transformation.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International