Learning Takes Time

This is a short follow up or continuation from yesterday's post.

Learning takes time.
Great learning takes a lot of time.
The best leaders are those who learn over a lifetime.

Okay - I'll come clean. I do love to learn. On my Strengths-Finder test, my top five include input, intellection, learner and ideation. (For the entire list, click here.) As you can tell all three are going to incline me toward Life Long Learning. Fortunately, I am also strategic, which means I want to do something with my learning.

Thinking takes time... good thinking, sound thinking, strategic thinking, wise thinking - Takes a LOT OF TIME.

Creative, Innovative, Entreprenurial Thinking - Takes EVEN MORE TIME.

Not every leader is in the role of being a Thought Leader - but some of you are. For some of you - it is your BUSINESS TO THINK. 

Peter Drukcer and Peter Senge tell us that leadres need to be learners so their organizations can be learning organizations. It just TAKES TIME. 

Here are some practical suggestions.

  • Come up with a great reading list.
  • Talk to the people you most admire and ask them - what are they reading?
  • Set aside 30 mintues a day to read. (This is a start, work your way up to one hour a day.)
  • Always ask about what you are reading - so what? What difference does it make?
  • Ask - how do I apply this as soon as possible?
  • Use it or lose it. Implement immediately.
  • Have a Reading-Thinking Buddy to process your learning.
  • Hang out with other Learners, other Smart people.
  • Continuous learning sustained OVER TIME makes the difference. (Take the Long View.)

And perhaps the last practical suggestion I'll add is the most important:  GET STARTED NOW.  There is some truth to the old saying, "Well begun is half done."

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International

LCI - Helping You Along on the Learning Journey