Learn How to Learn With Josh Waitzkin

Josh Waitzkin, learning how to learn, achieving masteryJosh Waitzkin is eight-time national chess champion, world t'ai chi chuan competitor and champion and executive coach to the world's top financial leaders. These are nine tips he offers for how to master anything, at any age.

The movie, Searching for Bobby Fischer, is the story of Josh as a very young chess player... it is a great movie about mentoring.

Josh later wrote a book called, The Art of Learning, which is the story of how he learned how to learn and did so well in different fields. In that book, Josh said that chess was not his primary strength, nor was martial arts - even though he reached the pinnacle of success in both fields. Josh would say his primary strength is that he knows how to learn!

I love it.

Martial Arts
Executive Coach

Entirely different fields. Starting from the beginning in each one and reaching excellence... because he has learned how to learn.

Okay, I think you know where this is going.

If you learn how to learn - then the horizons are very wide and the possibilities very breath-taking. If you do not learn how to learn, then you are going to struggle for the rest of your life.

It may take you a year or two, to learn how to learn, but it will be the most profitable work you will ever do. Then, with the skills of learning you now possess - pick a field, choose a domain and go about putting the time in to become really, really good at it.

Then, do it again with something else.

I have spent my entire life doing exactly that. I will never stop learning in new fields of interest, nor will I ever grow tired of my previous areas of expertise. 

For life long learners - it can be a Wondeful Life.