Leadership Lesson 04: Five Ways I Live in the Future

leadership vision, leaders spend a good deal of their time living in the future

Leadership Lesson 04:
Leaders spend a good deal of their time living in the future.

That is the reality! Leaders live in the future. Well, they are least rent an apartment there which they visit quite often! For fruitful visionary leadership, leaders must know how to stay energized and stay up-to-date and in touch with the emerging future. Leaders live with a balancing act, where they live in the future as they lead in the present. The only way to continually see a better future, is by seeing it. How do you see it? You see it by being there to look around.

You are going to have to figure out how you live in the future. So how can you live in the future? Here are a few ways I live in the future.

1.  I read books about the future. I love the futurists. I know they are often wrong, but they are exciting. They are interested in what is coming our way. They look at trends and they extrapolate what it may mean in the future. 

2.  I do scenario planning. From time to time, I get some paper and create a hypothetical future situation, and start to write my best thoughts about it. 

3.  I revisit my personal mission (the passionate energy) that compels me forward. And then I ask - what will this look like a year from now? What could it look like five years from now? 

4.  I ask other leaders about their vision. There are few things that stimulate my own envisioning, then to be a part of conversations where others are doing the same. There is an energy that is unleashed when we do this.

5.  And I pray... I ask God to give me eyes that see what He sees, and a faith and hope to move toward what He sees for me.


Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International