Leadership Lesson 03: Values Buy In

Leadership Lesson 03: Values Buy In
If you don't stick to your values when they're being tested, they're not values: They're hobbies.

Important Question:
So when I first read this quote, I had a new idea. Who is the one who needs the MOST BUY-IN to your values? 

Obvious Answer:
YOU! You need full buy in for your values. You need to love your values, have a passion and devotion about your values. These are the stakes in the ground, the shaping themes, the guiding concepts that make you who you are. You can't quibble and fluctuate. You can't be haphazard or occasional. You can't be gung-ho for a few weeks about your core values, and then be nonchalant about them for the next few weeks. You Just Can't!

There are many things that leaders imprint, that are not just via teaching. They come from modeling the way, showing the way. That is what Jesus did. He showed the way by living that way. He demonstrated his enduring values every day. 

Then, his followers "caught" what Jesus was showing. 

People need ideas, but they need more than ideas. They need embodied ideas. They need ideas that are incarnate in word and deed, in life and lifestyle. 

The way you will get great buy-in from followers, team members, colleagues, customers, and more - is by fully living what you profoundly buy in to first.

So, a great leadership question to ask people is something like this:

As you observe the way I live and lead, as you see the work I do, and the relationships I have, from that demonstrated way - what would you conclude about my deepest values?

I would love to hear what those conversations are like?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International