Leadership Lesson 02: The Six Benefits of Credibility

Leadership Lesson 02:

The Six Benefits of Credibility

There are many more than six benefits, but there are six benefits that Kouzes and Posner identified, that results when leaders are seen as CREDIBLE. When people have credible leaders, they are significantly more likely to:

1.  Be proud of their organization and tell others about it.
In other words, your credibility paves the way for your team to become RAVING FANS of their workplace.

2.  Feel a strong sense of team spirit.
Team spirit - by definition, means I belong to this team, I love my team, I will not let my team down. 

3.  Believe there is great compatibility between personal values and the organizational values.
Congruence of values is a HUGE indicator of workplace satisfaction, longevity, and productivity.

4.  Feel attached to the organization.
People have a great need to belong. We spend a lot of time at work. When we feel work is a place where we want to belong, we love going to work and we do our best.

5.  Have higher levels of commitment.
Commitment that is because of intrinsic (internal) motivators is ALWAYS more powerful than extrinsic (external) motivators. In other words - things like pay, perks, bonuses, etc. External motivators produce minimal commitment that is short lived. But, when you have interior motivation - that is powerful and long term. Commitment is an internal motivation. Usually people can't explain it - they just know they have it (or know they don't). Then, even the knowledge that you are committed makes more commitment likely.

6.  Have a sense of ownership.
You think in terms of WE, OUR, US. Once you have ownership - you do outstanding work. When the janitorial service at NASA described what they did (their job) at NASA, they didn't say, "We sweep floor and clean commodes. They said, we are putting the first people on the moon. That is ownership. A bit reminiscent of Martin Luther (the great Protestant Reformer) when he said, "If you are a street sweeper, sweep streets to the glory of God." 

These six qualities are what every supervisor, manager, boss, leader wants to see in their team. The way to get this. Be CREDIBLE. Re-read yesterday's post.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International



p.s.  Bonus Quote, page 26 of The Truth About Leadership

If leaders in the most senior positions live up to the exemplary standards, the organization experiences a constant elevation of strong leadership, as senior leaders pull their constituents upward toward similar standards. A culture of leaderhsip excellence and integrity is created when people at all levels genuinely expect each other to be credible, and they hold each other accountable for the actions that build and ustain credibility.