Leaders Think

While a recent focus has been Leaders Learn and Leaders Read... a corollary thought is that Leaders Think.

Here are some quotes from the most excellent Dr. Mardy and his recent newsletter. Check out his website. Many of these thoughts illustrate the power of thinking. Do you have any favorite thoughts on thinking?
If we were all on trial for our thoughts, we would all be hanged. Margaret Atwood
Thought once awakened does not again slumber. Thomas Carlyle
One great thought breathed into a man may regenerate him.  William Ellery Channing
The revelation of Thought takes man out of servitude into Freedom. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Borrowed thoughts, like borrowed money, only show the poverty of the borrower. Marguerite Gardiner (Lady Blessington)
Every real thought on every real subject knocks the wind out of somebody or other.  Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
Once you wake up thought in a man, you can never put it to sleep again.  Zora Neale Hurston
A thought is a thing as real as a cannon ball. Joseph Joubert
Thoughts, like fleas, jump from man to man. But they don't bite everybody. Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

May you enjoy some good thinking sustained over time.
Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International

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