Leaders Get Results

Last week I had one of those serendipitous experiences.

I met with a friend for a morning cup of coffee. He is a young leader and already a really good leader. He is a life long learner. He thinks "hard" about leadership. He enjoys people. He has specific technical skills in his field. He has a great future ahead of him.

Part of our conversation revolved around organizational objectives and the desired results that people are hired to produce. We talked about a specific situation where a particular employee is not achieving those desired results and doesn't seem that motivated to achieve those results. What does a supervisor do in that situation? As we talked, it seemed a no-brainer to us. It is a little more complicated since there is a lack of emotional intelligence and relational healthiness on the part of that employee. The point is that we had a good talk about why organizations exists, the necessity of having a results orientation and staffing to "get results." Our conversation wound down with my friend observing that if desired results are not achieved, his organization will have to eliminate certain programs as well as the staff hired to get those results!


get results quoteThen, as I was driving back to the office, I was listening to an NPR show about statewide initiatives to deal with poverty. The panel of experts were discussing the problems dealing with poverty in our state. Listen to this short list of CORE PROBLEMS.

1.  A real lack of clearly defined "desired results."

2.  No meaningful way to even measure if desired results are being achieved.

3.  A duplication of resources devoted to the problem (multiple agencies and programs that are redundant as they provide identical or near-identical services).

4.  A lack of leadership that seems willing and able to address these issues.

There it is! A very real issue - poverty. But, a lack of clarity and will to define the desired results, measure progress toward those results, and the leadership needed to do this. The panel discussion was a good one. Not pessimistic, but neither were they optimistic that things would change without a lot of hard work.


As I considered my own ministry...it hit me once more - results matter. I am not just putting in time. Not just spending hours in thinking, envisioning, planning, strategizing, relating, etc. Everything I do MUST be aligned to produce the desired results. 

I am a part of two organizations.
Each organization has a clearly defined Reason for Existence.
There is a clear Vision for what we want to do.
There are Values for how we will do those things. 
There are Strategies for the way we will do those things.

In the end - if we don't define and measure RESULTS - then the purpose, vision, values and strategies have been "not helpful." 

Leaders Get Results.
Leaders Get the Right Results.
Great Leaders are Continually Getting Results.


They Really Matter !!!

That is the Bottom Line. The Bible calls it "much fruit that lasts." Whether it was Moses, Joshua, David, Daniel, Nehemiah, Jesus, Paul and many more - they got results. (What are the BEST desired results - that is a very important question, but not one for this post.)

  • What results do you desire?
  • Are you measuring results achieved?
  • Are you doing something if you are not getting those results?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International