The Joy of Work

Speaking About Labor Day...
How often do you hear someone complaining about their work? I assume it is pretty often.

How often do you have the sense to put in just enough "work" to get by, do the minimum needed, call it a day and a week and head off for R&R.

TGIF is the popular saying.

I found this thought from Recovering Redemption (Matt Chandler) to be very inspiring.

(T)he true joy of working is found not in lazing through long lunches and cutting corners the rest of the day, but rather through diligence and excellence and full service of others' needs...

True joy of working will mean a deliberate, intentional, energetic, enthusiastic, vitally optimistic engaging in what you are doing. If you are lingering and lazing through long lunches and cutting corners the rest of the day - something needs attention.

Steve Jobs, love what you do, great workQuestion:
Do you want to go anywhere and receive any kind of service, product or experience and the people working to do so are only half-committed to do good work? Probably not! I know I am not. On the other hand, I am inspired with great customer service. That shows me people care about the "work of their hands." 

Be self-aware this week of how you are engaging with your work - vocation - calling. If that engagement is not enthusiastic and high quality - hmmm...

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International