I have been journaling for many (many) years now. I have quite a row of journals lined up on my bookshelf. My journaling practices have evolved and morphed over the years. About two months ago, I realized my journaling practices were a bit "stale" and I needed to make some changes. I won't go into what was stale or the changes I made - but suffice to say - change I did, and journaling feels quite fresh again. I enjoy it. I have insights and discernment every time I journal.

For many MEN - especially, they don't know how to journal... what to journal about... and they need some accountability. So... when I read this post on the blog site (The Art of Manliness) I knew it would be a winner for men who want to learn how to journal.

JumpStart Your Jouranling - the Link to The Art of Manliness Article. (Image comes from that post.)

It has a suggestion for 31 days. Just follow the instructions and see what it is like. For those of you who are veterans in the art of journaling, you may find some days that have helpful ideas you did not consider. 

Women... sorry on this one. It is a guy article from a guy blogsite. Maybe one of you wants to write an Art of the Woman guide to journaling?

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