John Wesley - a Remarkable Leader

As Seen in These Descriptions of the Man

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I must admit to a fair amount of ignorance about this remarkable leader. I knew a few general things about Wesley, but I have NEVER studied his life and ministry (much to my personal embarrassment). I have studied many of the Reformers and likewise the Puritans, but Wesley has been a MAJOR OMISSION. 

Which is why I heartily recommend Wesley on the Christian Life: The Heart Renewed in Love, so well written by Fred Sanders. I also highly commend the entire series about Theologians on the Christian Life being publiched by Crossway. I have read several of the ones in print and will eventually read all of them. Every one has been excellent.

Here are some things Sanders pulls together about the remarkable John Wesley.

  • He had a classical education.
  • A methodical nature.
  • A personal crisis on the Pauline scale
  • A man with something to say
  • Broad liberal learning
  • Fluency in Scripture
  • Keen spiritual insight
  • A gift for communicating
  • Creative recombination of old themes of the Christian life in a "combustible mixture"
  • Saw great unities (the unity of doctrines, held together)
  • Confidence in the great verities (truths)
  • Cooly reflective temperament
  • A man of reason
  • A planner
  • An implementer of careful strategy
  • Thrived on crowds
  • Drew energy from opposition
  • A hard worker
  • Tremendous confidence
  • Extraordinary diligence
  • Self-denial
  • Wise use of time
  • Loved to read and read widely

I won't say anything about this list other than - WOW and no wonder he was one of the truly great founders of what was ONCE a great spiritual movement. I know Fred Sanders, the wise and spiritual author of this work on Wesley would long to see that original charism of Wesley renewed once again in the Methodist churches that are now as lifeless and antinomian as were the Anglican churches in which Wesley worked for revival.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International