Jesus - Moderate Responses - NOT ALLOWED

I am reading a lot of C.S. Lewis in recent weeks. One of his famous arguments is Jesus - Liar, Lord or Lunatic. Those are the three options. What IS NOT AN OPTION is Jesus as a nice guy, a good man, an interesting teacher. That is to reduce Jesus to something the Gospels never present as an option.

Jesus claims to be God… to be Lord… to be Savior… to be One With God… to speak the Words of God… to reveal God… And He sets forth dramatic invitations that require a response.

If Jesus is a liar or a lunatic… avoid him at all costs. Have nothing to do with him.

If Jesus was only a nice guy, a good man, an interesting teacher, then a moderate, mild or even nonchalant response would be perfectly understandable, even appropriate. For then Jesus is just one in a crowd, an option among many… nothing more. (Which is what the Gospels do not allow.)

If Jesus is Lord-God-Savior, then a moderate response is the real lunacy. We are the foolish. If Jesus is Lord-God-Savior, then surrender, trust, love, worship, service… ABSOLUTE COMMITMENT is the only reasonable response.

So, the question is Simple and Clear:  Who is Jesus?

And the follow up question:  What will your response be?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International

LCI - Following, Loving, Worshipping, Serving Jesus & His Missional Purposes