Jesus and Flourishing

Andy Crouch has a quite nice small book on leadership. While it is not up to par with his two previous (and truly amazing) books. It is "quite nice." There are gems of brilliance in it. The model he presents is solid. It needs more unpacking then he gives it (the book is short). Actually, it seems to me that Andy needed about another year or so to think through and develop these valuable ideas. The book feels like it is not "finished" for the author. Perhaps I feel that way, since it is an area of personal interest and specialty - the nature of power and authority, service and leadership, pride, humility, and more.

Crouch, like many others (and myself included) loves the theme of human flourishing. I really appreciated a few notes Crouch had about Jesus and what flourishing was and wasn't in the life of Christ (see page 29-30).

Crouch notes that Jesus was the single most influential human being in history. And then Crouch invites us to consider what Jesus did not have, and yet still managed to flourish!

This leads to a core truth of Crouch's book - Jesus showed us the ways of hidden vulnerability and descent, as the way to true power and authority.

You don't need a well stocked home with every possession, a loaded bank account, a nice car, an impressive career, etc., etc., etc. 

And suffering and hardship does not mean you are not flourishing. Just the opposite. It may be a part of real flourishing.

How about you? Are you flourishing? Get Andy's book. It is a fast read, but which deserves a slow reflection.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International