Jeff Bezos on Leading Amazon

Jeff Bezos optimism vigilance urgenyThe Three Things You Need.
Here is a short mantra that Jeff Bezos gave to the team at Amazon in the early years. It is a mindset that great leaders must always keep before their people.

We are optimistic.
Every team needs to be forward looking, encouraged about the future, confident that the best is yet to be, full of vital energy that hard work + wisdom + a little serendipidy = success. We are optimistic.

We must remain vigilant.
Guess what has happened to every team, group, organization and nation that has ever existed and that was number one. They lost their spot. Most of the time it is by a slow, gradual neglect of the things that matter most, the things that make a difference, continuous improvement, staying hungry, knowing the change that is occuring, and being aware of your "competitors" and what they are doing. Remain vigilant.

We must maintain a sense of urgency.
What opportunities are around us now? Opportunity knocks, but then it goes away? What is taking place that needs a response (soon or right now)? Time is passing by. Once it is gone, we can't get it back. The unexpected may be just around the corner. Are we ready for it? No sleep walking once we have become successful. No taking the foot off the accelerator and going on cruise control. Maintain urgency.

Year after year has done just that. Love them or hate them... you can't ignore them, or their leadership lessons. In a recent interview, Jeff Bezos says, he knows Amazon is hugely successful, but they cannot rest on that success.

Optimism, vigilance, urgency... How much of each do you have? How are you communicating this to your people.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International