I Am Inspired by This Little Guy

Before I tell you what inspires me . . . and before you read any further, take a few moments, look at this image and reflect on these two questions.
ONE:  What do you see when you look at the image? In particular, what do you see in this little boy?
TWO:  What do you think it took, for this inspiring young boy to get to "what you see in this picture?

So STOP and reflect. Take as long as you need. Then continue on with the material below the image.
boy running with prosthetics, inspiring example of love, joy, courage

Here is what I see? I see
joy, love energy, excitement, enthusiasm, delight, vital optimism...

I see
courage, faith, hope, persistence, perseverance, an indefatigable spirit...

I see
desire to live... desire to be fully alive... desire to become all he is meant to be...

I see
a team of supporters... even though they aren't in the picture - trust me - they are all around. They are his cheering section, they are the ones who empowered him, walked with him, did live together, cried with him, laughed with him, fought the good fight with him and now, they rejoice with him.

I see
potential... this kid is just beginning... who knows where he will wind up... who knows who he will one day become... but if I were you, I'd bet on his future... he has already learned the most important lessons in life about seeing the goal and then pursuing the goal...

I don't see
"poor me"    "pity me"   "take care of me"   "life's not fair"   "why me?"   

I don't see

I see
an example of what I'd like to become someday. This is surely a case of learning from the "least of these." This surely an example of "becoming like little children." This is surely a case of "ask, seek, knock" and Jesus giving the desires of our heart (after he has straightened them out, at least a little).

As you can tell, what I see includes part of what I believe it took for this inspiring hero to get to where he did. Race finished. Task completed. Desire satisfied.  Results achieved. Now, take some time to rest, to celebrate, to enjoy the deep satisfaction of life well lived, of good work, of heroic leadership. Then - what's next? Because God has more.

Please, please, please, don't make EXCUSES. There are none. 

What there are, and what we need, are dedications, commitments, lessons learned, hard work, faith and trust and a surrendered heart that wills for our self, what God wills for us.

So what is God saying to you about what you have been seeing?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International

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