Highly Intentional About Happiness

Ten Small Things That Will Promote Happiness

This was an interesting list. The blog this link takes you to is a little longer then some, but you can still read it in a few minutes. However, here is the list of 10 small things that help happiness.

1.  Do cultural things.

2.  Keep a diary/journal and reread it.

3.  Make small talk with a stranger.

4.  But have meaningful conversations too.

5.  Live in the suberbs and get involved.

6.  Listen to sad songs, they provide emotional release.

7.  Spend money on experiences, not items.

8.  Set small, achievable goals.

9.  Look at beautiful things.  Beautiful and functional things have the highest level of happiness!

10. Eat more fruits and veggies.

I consistently do 7 of the 10. (That makes me happy.)
Two are occasional.
Number 10 is infrequent and probably will not change in the near future.

Please notice that these alone are not the way to happiness. These are the "small things" that tip the scales. There are certainly MAJOR things that play a great role in our happiness. But the small things help.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International