Here to Make Friends

I am blessed. I hope you are as well!
I have great friends. I have quite a few of them. They make life enjoyable, interesting, fruitful, stimulating. And they, in some ways, "make me" as well.

Some of these great friends I work with and see every day. Some of these friends are scattered around the world. I miss being with them, but thanks to the internet, we keep our friendship growing.

I like this sentiment. I am here to make friends. Yes I am and so are you. Friends, partners, colleagues, collaborators, team-members, peers… 

As friends come together, they become a community and a TRIBE. I love the language of a tribe. A group of friends who are joined together around great ideas, interests and mission. That's what Leadership ConneXtions is. A tribe of missional friends… who love to meet and make more such friends.

Because of the nature of my vocation and my deepest spiritual commitments, I have been profoundly shaped by the ideas of, "The Pursuit of God and His Missional Purposes in the Company of Friends."

Here are a few questions that you NEED to answer (and with good answers)!

Who are you doing life with?
Who are the closest friends that make life so much better?
How intentional are you about being with those friends?
What are you doing to add value to their lives, work and leadership?
When are you going to get some hang out time with them?

If you want to stay connected and be a part of the ongoing conversation about leadership, spirituality, mission and transformation, be sure to connect with us at the LCI Salon. To learn how, visit this page on our website. 

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International

LCI - a Community and Tribe for ConneXtions & Friendship

There is an old mindset that sees the world as a ZERO SUM GAME. By that, there is a limited amount of PIE. If you get a bigger slice, then I get a smaller slice. That leads to a mindset of Competition where others are competitors, if not enemies. The new mindset (and I am not sure how strong it is) sees the world as a POSITIVE SUM GAME where it does not have to be a win-lose scenario. Instead, let's look to have win-win relationships.