Healthy Leadership

The Signs of Healthy Leadership
This is a follow up post from the one yesterday, where I listed the signs from de Vries, that a leader is in trouble. Here are the attributes or SIGNS of a generally healthy leader.

1.  A capacity for love and work.

2.  A capacity to cope and adapt to difficulty.

3.  A stability of identity which includes a clear differentiation from others and from the organization.

4.  An ability to "test reality" and see what is real from what is imagined, wished for or aspirational.

5.  Sufficient "anxiety tolerance" and the ability to respond to stressful situations in productive ways.

6.  Sufficient "impulse control" and the ability to refrain from premature reactions to relieve anxiety.

7.  The capacity to tolerate the normal depression that comes following loss, frustration, rejection, disappointment and failure. States another way, the capacity not to resort to destructive and regressive behavior.

8.  A capacity to generate maximum enjoyment and achievement in all areas of life (not consumed solely with work).

9.  The ability to articulate the connection between thoughts and feelings and actions.

10.  A desire to learn.

11.  Satisfying interpersonal relationships.

12.  Acceptance of personal limitations.

This is a lengthy but powerful list. Like the one from yesterday, it is well worth your time to do some self-assessment on how you are doing with this. Again - invite feedback from a trusted friend and perhaps (when appropriate) from your spouse.

In light of the reality that leadership is difficult, demanding and will always create stress . . . and in light of the reality that you WILL PROJECT externally what is internal - regular self-assessment is needed. This is not a Once and Done exercise.

I am happy with some of my self-assessment . . . but there are some other areas where I see the need for growth. How about you?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International