On Growing Older

Very near the end of his memoir, Still Surprised, Warren Bennis provided this wonderful and wise thought from Edith Wharton who reflected about old age.

In spite of illness
In spite of the arch enemy, sorrow,
  one can remain silent long past the usual date of disintegration, if one is:

unafraid of change,
insatiable in intellectual curiosity,
interested in big things
and happy in small ways.

For those of us who are settling nicely into those "late middle years" and marveling that time goes by, quickly,

may you be unafraid of change,
may you be constantly curious and thoughtful and learning
may you have your heart and soul enraptured with the great things that matter most
may you be constantly surprised by and happy in the small gifts of daily life.


Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International