Good to Great and the Social Sectors

Good to Great and the Social Sectors Jim CollinsThis is a very short plug and plea for every leader who works in the non-profit and/or social sector and spheres of life - you should read this little monograph by Jim Collins at least once a year.

I have read it about a dozen times since it came our in 2005. I've gone through several copies. My latest copy is marked up with four different colors of ink and highlighter... and is now so marked up I will have to use a new copy for the next reading. (By the way, be sure to check out his great site that is loaded with resources.)

Some of the most important reading you will do is not reading to learn things you don't know (although Collins will certainly provide that for you in his monograph); it is reading that reminds and refreshes you about thing you already know, but forget to do. 

We are forgetful. We do need reminders. Collins does that masterfully and briefly in Good to Great and the Social Sectors

It is most helpful if you are already familiar with the main themes he discusses in Good to Great. If you are not familiar with those themes, here is an overview/summary to learn them. Then, linger on every page as you consider the motivation and insight Collins provides for those of us who lead in the non-profit world.

If you want a shorter summary, check out this two page PDF. 

Do thisif you want to be a "clock building," "Hedgehog centered," "Level 5 Leader." If you don't knwo what those phrases mean - you really want to read this short essay.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International

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