Good Enough Never Is

Great Leadership Lessons,

Collins is so ironic and right in one of last paragraphs in the chapter, Good Enough Never Is, that I'll give you most of that quote.

The good news is that one of the key elements of being a visionary company is strikingly simple: Good old-fashioned hard work, dedication to improvement, and continually building for the future will take you a long way. 

The bad news is that creating a visionary company requires huge quantities of good old-fashioned hard work, dedication to improvement, and continually building for the future. There are no shortcuts. There are no magic potions. There are no work-arounds. To build a visionary company, you've got to be ready for the long, hard pull. Success is never final.

That's the Good News and that's the Bad News.
It is the same news. Whether it is good news or bad news is up to you. When you think "good enough" then it is very bad news that you have more hard work, dedication to improvement and continual building for the future. When you think, "this can be better" then the message is good news for you. Your hard work and dedication will bear fruit. This is a MINDSET that great leaders have. Good Enough Never Is!

Now, there is a dark underside to this Great Leadership Lesson. I'll make a comment on that in the next post.

Good Enough Never Is! Most of the people who know me well - know this describes my constant mindset. About almost everything, I think, "That was good, but it can be better." With some work, we can make these improvements. So I am constantly creating new things AND I am constantly tweaking stuff I have already created. Some of that is because of my commitment to life long learning. As I keep learning, I continue to see new ways to make things better. So let's do it.

In Collins's research, as soon as you begin to think -  Good Enough - you are in trouble.  When you think "good enough" now you are satisfied. Once you are satisfied you begin to let up. Letting up means you are coasting on previous momentum. That momentum runs down and you go slow, slower and eventually come to a FULL STOP. You are stalled out.

The problem with you being stalled is that the world keeps moving and so do others who are in the same business as you are in. They are still trying new stuff to see what works. They are still experimenting. They are still pushing the periphery and stimulating progress. And you are SATISFIED. And STALLED. Probably SUNK, even if you don't know it!

We all know that lazy and slothful NEVER make for great leadership.
Now add to that list "Good Enough." That will NEVER lead to great leadership or great organizations either.

So - what about you? How are you thinking and leading these days? Are you thinking "good enough" about the things for which you are responsible? Or are you thinking - that was good, but we can make it better? 

What about several of your immediate and most important products or services or programs. Are they "good enough" or are you in the process of "making them better?"

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International