God...Truth...Virtue...Cultural Systems... The Inevitable Decay

Here are some images that reveal the decline and decay we experience in our culture.

Once GOD has been diminished and the true image of God lost...

God has become trivialized, diminished, reduced, domesticated, tamed, boxed in, anemic and rather boring.
buddy Jesus, the diminishing of God, trivial spirituality

With this diminishment of GOD, then we experience a decay of TRUTH. For God is truth, true truth, the source of all truth and without God, truth cannot reamain. We exchange the truths that would provide the norms for human life for the prevailing lies that are convenient.

What is truth - we ask? Whatever you want truth to be - we are answered? And we like that! The personal opinions, no matter how utterly ill-thought become the private indisputable truths to which we hold.
what is truth, relativism, pluralism

But it does not stop there. In fact, it can't stop there. With such notions of truth, anarchy is ready to be loosened on the world.

Once TRUTH has been lost, then VIRTUE cannot be sustained. For all morality and the interior character that makes morality possible, are grounded in TRUTH... emerges out of TRUTH. If there is nothing that is true and false, then it is not possible to have conversations and conventions about what is right and wrong, good and bad.
the decay of virtue, character

The loss of GOD, then TRUTH, next VIRTUE... 

What follows is the growing fragmentation and disintergration of all cultural systems. For every system can only be kept as a vital source of "life together" if there is the VIRTUE necessary to keep the system healthy and generative.

Today we experience this fragmentation in every system there is. Family, politics, economincs, education, the business world, the legal system, the social service sector, entertainment (especially here)... in every sphere and domain of life - since the center has fallen, the system cannot hold.
breakdown of all cultural systems

The result is the massively growing experience of depression, anxiety, fear and anger.
fear, anxiety, depression, Tood Solondz

The reordering and repairing of the broken, fallen, sick, sad world will be long in coming. It will mean the recovery of Virtue, which means the restoration of Truth, which requires the exaltation of God to his rightful place.

Long in coming...
But still, always in hope, we press on in prayer, faithfulness, worship and obedience...

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International