Every Day We Fail to Change

And It is Killing Us

I recently read a great illustration/statistic in a book that is several years dated. Maybe things are a little better now... or perhaps they are a little worse. But here it is.

In 2008 there were 600,000 heart bypass surgeries.
There were another 1.3 million angioplasty surgeries.
At a cost of about $30 billion dollars.*

Two years later, 90% of those who had this work done, had NOT CHANGED THEIR LIFESTYLE that caused the problem and were headed for more of the same! There had been no change that was necessary for Healthy and Long Living.

Change or Die!
Articles and books have been written with that title and phrase.

And yet, we are notoriously resistant to change.

Anyone who is the field of persuasion, motivation and transformation HAS TO BE CONCERNED about our horrible tendency to stay the same and die.

Whether it is teenage smoking, promiscuous sexuality, unsafe sex, drunk driving, using the cheap but dangerous heroin mixes that are so available, bad eating, minimal exercise, etc., etc. etc. - those of us who are in the persuasion and empowering for transformation business - we have to deal with the reality that we are not having as much influence as we want to have.

I believe every Change Agent must constantly be learning and growing as a communicator. 

I believe every Change Agent must constantly be learning about the makeup of the human heart. Starting with one's own heart. For most of us who seek to introduce change in the lives of others, we neglect areas where we must personally experience change - or die.

So what needs changed in your life?
What does it still need change?
What will be needed for that change to happen?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International


* Source, John Hopkins University and Medical School