Enter At Your Own Risk

In his memoir, Still Surprised, Warren Bennis tells the story of Charles Kettering, a great leader, inventer and life long learner who endowed the Antioch Library so others could learn. Kettering did not want to have a plaque for the building, but when he finally relented, the words he chose said:

Charles Kettering, enter at your own risk

That is what we need to know about books, libraries, schools, seminars . . . anything that is a learning environment.

Learning can be hazardous to your comfort zones.

Learning will stretch you, empower you, reorient you, correct you, challenge you, irritate you, stimulate you, send you off and running in new directions, and generally be repsonsible for a great deal of CHANGE.

So, to borrow, tweak and reframe an old phrase:

Let the Learner Beware of the risk of learning...and then let the learner be Excited as well.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International