Do You Want To Feel a LOT BETTER?

Then Get Into a Regular Exercise Program

In 2006 at age 50, I weighed in at about 255 pounds. I was so frustrated. Most of my life, I had been in reasonable shape, mostly due to consistent exercise, not because of good eating habits.

At age 40, I had a life transition to a new job, a new area, a new work lifestyle . . . and everything went downhill about my health. Well, everything except for my weight. That went up year after year. The more weight I gained, the more immobile I became. Like so many people who struggle with weight issues, I felt bad about my weight, I hated how out of shape I was, I knew the health risks... but I continued to do nothing about it.

That is part of the mystery of the human heart. Why do we continue to do things that are bad for us, things that make us unhappy, things that keep us from enjoying the good life we are meant to have?

I won't try to answer that one here!

Through the health crises of several good friends... somehow that was used by God to kick a new motivation to "do something about it this time."

Here is what I knew. 

  • It was going to be hard.
  • I was not going to enjoy going to a gym to work out.
  • It was going to take time... no easy, fast solutions to the 60-70 pounds of excess fat I was carrying around.
  • I needed new habits and they do not come easy.
  • I also needed to find the easiest, best way to actually get on with my plan. Since it was going to be hard and I was not inclined to exercise, I had to do what I could to make it as convenient as possible. In other words - what roadblocks could I get rid of?

That was about 8 years ago.

And I have stayed with it MOST of that time.

I have consistently kept 55-60 pounds off. I still need to lose 10 more pounds, but loosing that 10 seems to be harder then losing the first 55!

I have built consistent routines of exercise... but, and this is important - while they are easier, they are not automatic, and I still need disicpline to do them. Bottom line, I have many other things I would prefer to do over exercise - so I have to CHOOSE to do the right thing about exercising.


This past fall I hit a ten week period that was the worst interruption to my exercise routines in many years. I hardly exercised at all during that time. It was a combination of: (1)  hurting my back, which lingered on, (2) two back to back international trips - which always interfere with my exercising, (3) a bad bout of bronchitis that left me aching with so much coughing and bad sleep, (4) thanksgiving... Okay... you get the picture...

I did not want to start back up exercising in early December. I was OUT OF MY ROUTINES. It took a real act of discipline to start back up again. And when I did, everything was hard, everything hurt... uggh. 

But I am getting back on track. With health, fitness, good diet, good exercise . . . we all need to have the long view. It takes time. It must become a lifestyle. I don't think it ever becomes easy or natural.  (Eating Dorritoes, Tacos, Pretzels, Chocolate Chip Cookies - that is easy and natural!)

But, it can get easier... not ever EASY, but easier!

Health is a Habit of the Heart that Takes Discipline!

I, like many of you, used all the excuses. Here is the bottom line. We gain weight because we take in too many calories (for most of us, way too many calories). There are two things we have to do. Burn up more calories (that is exercise) and cut back on our calorie intake (that is diet). This problem gets a lot harder as we get older, because as and if teh body begins to break down (bad knees, elbow, shoulders, feet problems, etc.) then exercise gets harder to do. 

Here is a nice article that was one of the most read articles in 2014 about the benefits of exercise.

So - what is your plan for good health in 2015?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International