Decide Then Follow Through

It is that simple! And apparently that hard!

Here are two leadership skills that flow together, for one without the other leads to problems. Decision making and then implementation of what is decided.

Decision Making.
For some it is easy, for others it is painful. (1) It is painful when you don't know if you have all the relevant information to make a good decision. (2) It is painful when you have multiple options and they are all good ones, but now you must choose one. (3)  It is painful when you must choose and your "best choice" is risky. (4) And it is painful when you don't want to be responsible for the choice. But life, ministry and work require decisions. Good leadership requires decision making. You must learn how to make good decisions (and this is itself a large field of study with excellent resources available to leaders).

Here is one CORE IDEA about decision making. If you make a decision - ask yourself this: Am I willing to follow through on what I have decided. If you are not willing - then don't decide. If you are willing, then follow through . . .

Follow Through.
For some leaders who are good at making decisions, this is where they trip up. They are visionary, they are able to choose the best way to move toward the desired future . . . but they aren't good at the implementation side of things. They think they have done their job with seeing the future and choosing the way forward. Nonsense! It does not matter how inspiring the vision or how wise the decision - if the leader does not have the ability to move the organization (or team, or family) toward the desired results. Leaders don't just see something. Leaders don't just think. Leaders don't just choose. Leaders ACT . . . to GET RESULTS. 

In fact, this is much of life and leadership. It is the steady, follow through, get it done, put the plan into motion, monitor the progress, make the necessary alignments - that is the heart of leadership.


What decisions are you facing?
What follow through are you doing?
What results are you seeing?

Need some more help, check this site for ideas.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International