Christmas, Atheists, Marketers and Worshippers

Did you catch the Rant and Rave from the atheist against Christ in Christmas? 
An atheist who is angry about Christianity... believes Christianity is a force for evil... that Christianity is for the foolish, uneducated... and that the real meaning of Christmas can be nicely celebrated with no need for Jesus.

I just have one comment.


The marketers did that long ago. Christmas has been basically secularized in our culture. It is a shopping holiday. it is all about the bottom line of buying stuff and giving and getting stuff that money can buy. 

Christmas carols/hymns are slowly disappearing. Secular holiday music... or goofy holiday music is replacing sacred music.

James Emory White had a great post comparing It's a Wonderful Life (with its rich Christian themes) to A Christmas Story (which has virtually nothing that even alludes to the Christian faith). From a movie that is all about a life of purpose that impacts people for the good to getting a Red Rider BB Gun.... that's where we are. The ATHEIST is Way Too Late.

Santa is Omnipresent this time of the year. Jesus (as he was 2000 years ago) is relegated to the margins and back corners, tucked out of the way.

The church seeks to do what it can to reclaim and remember and rejoice about INCARANATION... God visiting the planet in unthinkable ways.... to be with us, so we could be with him. We try to sow the seeds of this beautiful story.... reminding people of the "reason for the season" (sorry for that tired cliche... it is tired from its lonely uphill struggle). 

If you will allow me to borrow from the Old Testament story of Elijah who complained there were no faithful prophets/worshippers of YHWH left... he was told - Yes There Are! There are 100 that have been hidden in the caves for protection. I'd like to think there are hundreds of faithful worshippers around this Christmas season. I just hope we don't stay huddled in our church caves. Instead, that we get out like the first shepherds who heard, believed and became the messengers of the Good News.

The Atheist is wrong. The Marketers have already done their work and won their victory. Maybe a few worshippers can be subversive witnesses to the glory of Immanuel, Jesus, God with us to  save us. May you and I be among those faithful worshippers.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International