Changing Minds, Renewing Minds

I've been in a "mind-changing process" about a number of things. It is a long, hard, slow, difficult process. And I have been relatively OPEN to the change taking place!

Leaders, teachers, mentors and more are in the ministry of influencing people. That often means we want to help them change how they are currently thinking, feeling, and acting.

It is hard to change how people think when they have:

a long term commitment to a particular belief or idea
the idea has a strong emotional component to it
they have spoken publicly about their view.

People are much more likely to change when:

the idea is relatively new,
it does not have strong emotional content with it
the idea has been kept personal and out of the public

As a pastor/preacher/teacher/mentor, I keep this in mind every time I communicate, for I am constantly tweaking, coaxing, nudging and prodding at what people believe and inviting them to believe (and behave) differently. The Bible reminds us that Jesus is in the business of renewing minds, reconstructing thought processes, and reframing belief systems.

The power of story is, of course, a powerful aid to change.

So is the sense of personal discovery vs. being "told the idea."

How about for yourself - is there an idea, a point of view, a belief where you have seen change in how you think about that idea? What has helped you actually change your mind?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International