. . . is a Sad Way to Live and a Worse Way to Lead!

It is an acronymn that I came across in Joey Reiman's book, The Story of Purpose. It means:


It is a little embarrassing to say that I have been a CAVE man. And I know a few CAVE women as well. The CAVE problem transcends age, gender, nationality, personality, ideology and a host of other things. But for some people the CAVE mentality runs deep.

Critically Against Virtually Everything

You can find these CAVE dwellers everywehre.  They are the cynics. The skeptics. The pessimists. The narcissists. The individualists. They usually find a way to put a positive spin on what they are doing. They justify their CAVE mindset. 

But it is a deadening way for your spirit. It hurts your soul. It turns you sour, grumpy, untrusting and suspicious.
It creates anger, anxiety and depression.
It isolates you. Let's be honest. Most people DO NOT ENJOY being around CAVE people. 


Find something you can be for.
Find something that grabs your heart and passion. Find something that gets you out of bed... and not just stumbling out of bed, but leaping out. Find something that makes you say - Thank God it is MONDAY. And find some other people to hang out with. Some other people who share your passion. Some others who will be mutually encouraging and stimulating and supporting.

In fact, find some people that you can be FOR and WITH.

Even more: Find a leader that is FOR something and not just Critically Against Virtually Everything. It is horrible when you are following a CAVE leader.

Here is what I am FOR:
I am for the Kingdom Purposes of Jesus. In particular, I am for building into leaders a profound, deep, rich, wonderful, beautiful life with Jesus. It is the kind of life that transforms, empowers, heals, sustains and mobilizes them to do the Great Things That Matter the Most. For me - there are few things more important than this. 

This is why I get out of bed.
Crazy early.
To jump start the day.
First to meet with God and personally engage in what I am most passionately for.
Then to develop resources that will help others experience what I am for.
Then as the day goes on, in a vareity of ways, to empower these leaders.

This is what I am for. Yes, I can fall back to being a CAVE man, a CAVE leader, a CAVE follower of Jesus. But not for long. Life is too short to be a CAVE dweller. The mission is to critically vital to be a CAVE person. 

Find what you are FOR. Find a group of friends to be WITH them FOR that thing. Stay away from the CAVE folks. Blessings.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International