Books on Psychology & Philosophy

Leaders read. 

Christian leaders have a double duty to read. Not only do we read the best things we must on our faith... we need to read the most important things being said (and written) by non-Christians. 

It takes discipline to do this. Most of the leaders I know are busy. Even very busy. Quite a few leaders I work with are very thoughtful. Learners and thinkers. We have so much that interests us. Theology. Biblical Studies. Thematic issues. Ethics. Church history. Spirituality. Specialized ministry studies. And more. If you would be in a M.Div. study program, you are exposed to the very areas I mentioned above. 

The nature of being a pastor in the United States is that you are a generalist. You have to learn some things about a number of disciplines. To be good - you have to learn a lot about those disciplines. But that is not all we must learn. 

We are always missional.
Our calling is not just to pastor congretasions of Christ followers.
Our calling is to take the good news to the world around us.
We must always understand where our culture is.
We must not withdraw and separate, but rather engage in great dialogue.

So what are you reading that is coming from non-Christian writers?

Here is a nice review of books on psychology and philosophy. These are not Christian books... but you can see how the world is thinking about these subjects. I believe Christian leaders, thinkers and teachers need to stay informed on some of the best thinking by thought-leaders in the world.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International