Best Practices and Powerful Mindsets

execution of ideas leaders execute  leaders implement   leaders actJim Collins NOTE 04:
Great Ideas, Powerful Mindsets, Core Beliefs, Enduring Truths. They matter a very great deal. But great thinking, even great strategic thinking, without implementation is all but useless.

To your great ideas and powerful mindsets you must add BEST PRACTICES. This is what you do and how you do it. This is the behavior that is implemented. This is the action that is executed. 

Ideas that are Implemented Lead to Change.
Mindsets that are Carried Through into Execution Make the Difference.

I wanted to say this from the very beginning. Collins has wonderful ideas in his books. I love ideas. I get fired up about great ideas. I can think and think and think and think. I can interpret, critique, morph, ponder on, analyze to death ideas. That does not make me a leader.

Please understand this. You may be brilliant. You may be well read. Your mind may be filled with excellent thoughts. But that does not make you a leader. You are a leader only when you strategically act on your best ideas in a way that generates results. If you do not act and if you do not get results - you are a thinker... not a LEADER. 

Peter Drucker quote  leaders get results

Also, don't get me (or Drucker or Collins or Buckingham) wrong on this. Leaders must be thinkers. Leaders need the best leadership thinking there is. I kind of like the old Philosopher-King concept of Plato. Plator believed that intellectuals would make the best rulers. Plato was right tin believing hat rulers/leaders needed to be great thinkers. Plato was wrong in assuming that great thinking automatically or even easily leads to action. It does not. 

Marcus Buckingham quote  performance that generates superior resultsGreat thinking - the powerful mindsets of which Collins has so many, must be wedded with best practices that are persistently implemented in your organization.

You want to generate superior results.  That is always the "point" or reason or goal of leadership.

So, for every post that has provocative and useful ideas, the goal is for you to figure out how they are integrated-implemented-executed in your own context. That is what makes for Great Leadership which makes possible Great Organizations that get Great Results.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership  ConneXtions International