To Be Really Happy, Try Being Counter-Cultural

This is not your typical, standard, "common-sense" piece of advice/wisdom you are going to hear very often.

I am sure you have heard the witty reply about "common-sense."

What passes for common sense is neither common nor does it make much sense. 

I also like the "tongue in cheek" comparison of common sense and DEODORANT. But I digress . . .

Have you read the Sermon on the Mount lately?
Have you read the Beatitudes (the first 12 verses of the Sermon on the Mount)?

To be blessed is to be happy, joyful and content. And YET . . . when you read the Beatitudes and the rest of The Sermon, it seems really out of step with what most of us believe most of the time.

Let's be more blunt. Most of us, most of the time - DO NOT BELIEVE what Jesus says in The Sermon. It is simply too counter-cultural. It is just not common sense. It sounds odd. Let's be honest. It sounds foolish. It is exactly opposite to the prevailing wisdom of our time.

Which is why we ought to try it. For we have been listening to our culture forever. To borrow from Dr. Phil:  "So how is that working for you?" And the answer - not very well. 

Do you want to take a Dare... a Double Dare... a Triple Dog Dare... ?

Then live counter-culturally. Try it for a week... better - a month. Live like Jesus. Listen to Jesus. Follow Jesus. Practice what Jesus says in The Sermon. Believe the Beatitudes. Trust God to bless you when you do things his way.

If you are a leader - do it the Jesus Way. Be a servant leader. Make sacrifices for others. It won't be easy. It will be hard. You will need faith, hope, and courage to do it (like Brother Stavros counsels). But try the wonderfully radical way of the Counter-Cultural Jesus and see what happens.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International