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This has been one of the busiest seasons of life... a very good season... but so full that I had to cut back on a number of things that were not Mission Critical Work. It turned out that blogging was one of them.

Last week completed our 90-5-U Leadership Learning Community. There were three groups that met every Monday, to walk through the upgraded leadership development process I had designed. My good friend and LCI colleague John Hilliard and I led those learning communities. I spent a lot of my time writing the curriculum and workbooks we used week after week. Even so, I could barely keep up with the pace of learning we had. So blogging went to the back burner.

But what a great time, being with about 45 leaders, week after week. Business leaders, leaders in the church, ministry partners of all kinds... it was a privilege to be in conversation with these people and see the growth and applications they experienced in this journey.

Brian K. Rice, Leadership ConneXtions InternationalAnd my own leadership learning jumped to new levels. I tend to have seasons where I put a lot of focus in certain areas. For the last five years, the major focus of my own learning and development was in the area of spirituality. Leadership took a distant second place to spiritual formation. But last September, I knew the time was now ripe for a refocusing on leadership. It has been a blast to really dive back into the new and best literature, as well as revisit some of the best books from the past. I write, teach and train out of my own ongoing and up-to-date journey. Since the 90-5-U Leadership Learning Community was a major focus, I wanted to give that group some of my best resources. So I became the "lead learner." 

I have lots of leadership themes I will be sharing in the weeks ahead.

Glad to be back.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International