Avoiding Burnout Seminar for Chileans

Being in the ministry is inherently dangerous to your health.  The statistics are staggering in terms of those who have experienced discouragement, disappointment, and depression.  Here are some of the more profound examples from a survey conducted with over 1,000 pastors:

  • 100% had a close associate or seminary buddy who had left the ministry because of burnout, conflict in the church or from a moral failure
  • 90% Indicated they were frequently fatigued and worn out on a weekly and even daily basis
  • 89% Said they considered leaving the ministry at one time
  • 72% Said they only studied the Bible when they were preparing for sermons or lessons

and the list goes on to describe marriage failures, family stress, affairs, lack of friends and more.  It is disturbing to think that so many pastors are struggling with maintaining the day to day balance in life. 

Because of these issues, L.C.I. has developed a graduate course called "Personal and Family Care Ministry Management".  It focuses on the various aspects of our lives that are vulnerable to failure.  I was recently able to teach this course in Asuncion, Paraguay in March and in Santiago, Chile in May.  Teaching courses to pastors in Latin America is always a rich event.  I often learn as much as the students as we engage in these important topics. 

In Santiago I was joined by our L.C.I. associate Garrett Lowe who assisted in teaching the class.  He did a great job adding a different perspective on these important topics.

Santiago Masters class

John L Hilliard 

Spiritual Director, Professor, Director of Operations

Leadership Connextions International