Aspiring to Holiness

In 1 Corinthians 12:31 Paul talks about THE MOST EXCELLENT WAY. He offers this in the context of speaking about spiritual gifts. Paul then moves to his magnificent description of the way of love as THE MOST EXCELLENT WAY.

I want to borrow Paul's language and inspiring phrase and apply it to another quality of the Christian life. It is a phrase that comes from Eugene Peterson.

aspiring to holiness, Eugene Peterson

I don't know what you think about the word HOLY.
I don't know whether you desire/aspire to be HOLY.
I don't know how "mesmerized in awe" you are of the Holiness God (see the book or watch the lectures by R.C. Sproul).
I have no idea of how far along the spiritual journey you are in the pursuit of holiness (see the book by Jerry Bridges).

Sometimes I have no idea on these things concerning myself.

Here is what I do know. Eugene Peterson is right. Holiness is this incredibly different (actually odd), out of step, out of synch, out of sorts, counter-cultural way. When everyone else around us is on the foolish pursuit of the things of the earth - money, power, status, sex, fame, beauty, security, more followers on Twitter, the perfect "selfie," the charisma necessary to get ahead, the perfect job (let me know when you find it and if they have room for one more person), ad infinitum - after awhile it is all, just kind of INSIPID.

Nothing lasts.
Nothing really continues to inspire and infuse, nurture and nourish, empower and enliven your life. 

Holiness is that alternative way of God Himself and the very life he offers to those who would follow Him.

Are you tired of the insipid, the mundane, the treadmill pursuits everyone else is doing.
Holiness is what you long for.

Whether it is redeeming love or transforming holiness, God's Way is always the MOST EXCELLENT WAY.

May God set you on His Way.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership  ConneXtions International

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