Archimedes, Big Ideas and Platforms

Archimedes is going to help you MOVE YOUR WORLD.

His quote is famous: Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I will move the world. Isn't that exactly what leaders want to do? We want to move the world. Influence the world. Touch the world. Change the world. Add value to the world.

So - how do you do that?
You find a lever long enough . . .
You find the right place to fix your lever . . .
You start working the lever . . .

Here is what that means for you.

The LEVER is your BIG IDEA.
If you don't have one (or more) big ideas, how are you going to change the world? The big idea will be a combination of things. It will have the flavor of VISION... it will have some element of STRATEGY... it may have a dash of philosophy/theology/spirituality/psychology... 

And your big idea must MATTER. It must touch the mind and heart of others. It must be believable, desirable, doable.

If you do nothig else today - make sure you know - what is your BIG IDEA(s) THAT MATTERS? If you don't have it, you aren't going to move anything.

It is your entry point, it is your launching pad, it is your access to other people. It is the venue where you communicate with PASSION your big idea. It is the location where you connect with the peole who matter to you. It is the place where you meet with hearts and minds that you want to influence. Without a platform(s) your ideas are just theories rumbling around in your head, maybe interesting to you, but mostly irrelevant to everyone else.

If you do nothing else today - figure out your platform - what will be the access points of getting your big idea across to others. Another way to figure this out is simply ask - who do you want to move? And then, where are those people? That is where your entry point/fulcrum will have to be.

WORKING the Lever.
Big Idea - great.
Fulcrum/platform - great.
Now start lifting, pushing, probing, presenting, persuading, stimulating, conversing, challenging, confronting, encouraging... Do whatever you can to get your Big Idea ACROSS TO OTHERS. That is work. Lots of work. The big idea and fulcrum alone aren't going to MOVE THE WORLD. It is the vigorous process of ENGAGEMENT. 

Hard work and smart work
sustained Over Time

I want to grab attention for one final minute.
A lever and a fulcrum. It works in the world of physics. It works in the world of leadership. Archimedes can help you starting today. But right now, it is just a few illustrated ideas on the computer screen. 

Now you have to do some work. Imagine for a moment - I am a potential follower...

What is the really big idea that will make a great deal of difference for me?
It will Truly Matter.
If you don't have one - sorry, I am not going to follow.

How are you going to get access to my attention, my interest, my time?
Where are we going to meet?
How am I going to hear?
If you can't connect with me - sorry, I won't be able to follow.

Now, remember - there are lots of Big Ideas out there...
Lots of people with Big Ideas out there...
Everyone wanting my attention, my commitment, my energy...
It is not going to be easy to get me to buy-in...
Roll up your sleeves, hone your communication craft and work hard and smart to convince me.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International

LCI - Helping you Lead With Big Ideas & Platforms to Move Your World