Another Top 15 Best Books List

Here is another Top 15 Best Books of 2015 List.

This one comes from Brain Pickings, which is one of the blogs I constantly read. The author is avowedly NOT Christian. But, if you want to stay informed as to some of the best thinking going on in the secular world of literature, science, and culture - this is a good one to read. Or at least skim through.

Are you putting together you reading list for 2016?

I am!

2015 had a major focus on leadership, and a secondary focus on theology and biblical studies. I am most likely going to continue that focus for another year. Part of that is because of the writing projects I am engaged in, and part of it is just - right now I am loving reading in these fields.

I also read a lot of science fiction / fantasy novels, mostly when I am on the treadmill or elliptical. Since I get about 5 hours of cardio time in each week, I read a novel a week.

I have also been doing some reading lately about... wait for it... books, reading and libraries. It is a lot of fun to read books about reading books, and collecting, organizging and storing them in libraries. If you want to see my Pinterest Board of Home Libraries, click on this link. I have another board of libraries and book shops.

Every year I create a new Pinterest Board on Books Read in 2015. Click on that link and you can see most of my year's reading. I just created one for 2016, but it is empty at the moment. You can always click any board to follow it.

I hope you have a wonderful final few days of 2015.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International