Amazon 100 Books to Read List

Amazon 100 Books to ReadIf you want to take five-ten minutes and have a little fun (for Book Readers that is), click on the link below (CNN Living site) to skim through a slide show on:

Amazon 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime.
These books were picked, mainly on the criteria of - what is a fun read. You can move through the power point in about 5 minutes. I love lists of books to read. This one was a fun one. I have read about 40 of these. There were abotu 20 of them, which I never heard of.

I read so much for learning and my professional interests (leadership, spirituality, education, communication) that I don't spend as much time reading for fun. I came away with a few books to read (in my lifetime).

Brian Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International