This image resonates with me. This is what life is suppose to be. Adventure, change, creativity, discovery, exploration, freedom, hunger, innovation, journey and longing.

As such, it requires faith, hope and a vision that is beautiful, compelling and clear.

It also requires courage. Courge to try.  Courage to fall short, to fail, and then to try again. Courge to persevere. Courage to struggle against the odds.

There will be suffering. All good things that are laid upon you, for you to do - will only be done at a cost. There is always a price to pay. If anyone tells you something different - walk away from them. 

All good things come with a cost!

Perhaps that is why fewer and fewer of us are doing good things, much less great things. For if good things are costly, how much the great things!

Along this narrow way (and it is indeed a narrow, less taken way), you will need some good companions. You will need friends you can trust, mentors from whom you can learn and even a leader (yes you do need a leader, even if you are one yourself) worthy of that title.

And JESUS. How will you do this without Him? For in the end, the way you MUST walk is His Way. The strength you will need is His Strength. The wisdom you will need is His Wisdom. And the reason for doing all this is His Sovereign Purposes, Plan and Will.

My prayer for you is that you will have all this, that you will be all this . . . and that you will know - you are of all people - most richly blessed.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International