8 Great Things About Training Leaders in Argentina

I am just back from a two week trip to Argentina that was put together by my good friend and missional colleague, Omar Gava and REG.  Omar put together a leadership training program where I visited four cities to do seminars on decision making for leaders (pastors, missionaries and other leaders in local churches). I also had great conversations on other leadership themes with really thoughtful leaders. Here are eight great things about this trip.

I had the opportunity to visit three new locations. Mar del Plata (the largest resort, vacation area in Argentina), Aroyitto (a town in the province of Cordoba) and San Francisco (a small city in Cordoba). Each was a new location where I met new leaders. It is always fun visiting new locations and meeting new leaders and making new friends. I am always grateful to see how God is raising up gifted leaders who want to make a difference in the church and mission.


I visited several really good churches. I mean REALLY GOOD churches. Did I mention they were REALLY, REALLY GOOD CHURCHES. They were full of life, love, grace, energy, enthusiasm... They were full of young families, young adults, and teens. They are model churches for Latin America.


These churches were led by very gifted pastors. These pastors had imprinted their own life, love, grace, energy and enthusiasm for Christ on to these congregations. It is so obvious what Spirit-empowered, Christ-like, innovative leaders are able to do. May God increase their number.


The joy of seeing former students and the fruitfulness of their ministry! Reunions are beautiful. Two of the pastors were former students I taught in the REG masters program in leadership. In class they were thoughtful, visionary, and passionate about learning and leading. It had been five years since we had seen each other. Now, seeing the ministry they have been doing - it is hard to describe the joy I had.


The need for decision making skills. That is the stock and trade of leaders. We are always making decisions and helping others make decisions. We studied an overarching biblical framework, how we become wise, how bias works against good decisions, and practical guides for making decisions.



Empanadas, asado, matte, Fernet, and lots of great Argentine food and beverage.


Wonderful conversations with friends about life, God, mission, dreams, partnership, and more.

Seeing my friends Omar and Stella Gava, who after a lifetime of serving Christ are still dreaming new dreams, still taking new steps of faith, still following the leading of God for creative missions. They inspire me.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International