The 50 Best Business Books

The Ultimate Time-Saving Guide to the Secrets of Business Success

So I stopped down at the local Books A Million (BAM) store to pick up a few easy reading items for the weekend (anticipating a major winter storm starting Saturday through Sunday morning). I picked up the TIME Special Commemorative Edition on Nelson Mandela. For people who don't like to read longer works like Mandela's Long Walk to Freedom) this is a nice overview of his life and work. Really worth picking up while the world is still engaged with his life and legacy.

Then I saw The 50 Best Business Books Bookazine. (Sorry for the weak image. It was the only one on the Internet when I did a search!!!) Some publisher let the ball drop on that one!!!

I love that mashup. Book + Magazine. Take good qualites from both and mash them together to create a Bookazine. This is an outstanding Bookazine that will orient you to the best business books out there. But let me tell you the categories they have.

Top 10 Management Books (leadership included in this)
Top 10 Marketing Books (and the art of persuasion)
Bonus:  Top 5 Social Media Books
Top 10 Sales Books
Bonus:  Top 5 E-Business Books
Top 10 Motivation Books
Bonus:  Top 5 Business Biographies
Top 10 Entrepreneurship Books
Bonus:  Top 5 Lunchbreak Reads 
EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS:  Top Ten Business Apps

Each book selection has a great summary and explanation, as well as suggestions to help you decide if this is a good read FOR YOU!  Then there are feature articles (2-4 pages), pages with Best Quotes. All in all - this is a Great Bookazine.

You should get The 50 Best Business Books if:

  • You want to see how your own reading matches the best stuff that has been written to help you suceed. I was happy to see that in certain categories I was pretty well read.
  • You want to see where you may not be so well read. There were a few categories where I am really not in touch with the best, most influential books being written.
  • You want to design a reading list for 2014 (I already have started my list).
  • You are looking for Best Suggestions of resources to recommend to people on your team, friends, colleagues, supervisees...

You will have to act somewhat promptly and get to a bookstore (they still have a few of them) or a place that has a good selection of magazines and get one in the near future. I think there were about six copies left after I picked up my issue.

And now for the Contrarian Point of View about Leadeship Books, I introduce you to the expert Dilbert.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International

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