10 Presentation and Communication Tips

This is an updated post with the Link Live and Working. Sorry about that for those of you who tried to access it.

Communicating is harder than ever in our culture.

Communicating the story and Gospel of Christ (that is offensive by the way, when we preach it biblically) needs the greatest resources we can muster as communicators.

It does not matter how powerful and true your ideas are if you are unable to communicate them with clarity, conviction and in a way that mobilizes the listener.

So I am always grateful for the communication insights from Garr Reynold's Presentation Zen. His latest post is:

10 Tips for Improving Presentations and Speeches. You can enjoy it by clicking on the link. Give yourself a little time to move into the ideas he provides. Garr gives more depth of content then many posts, which requires more time.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International