Added 2014. 03.22
Life Long Spiritual Learning the Jesuit Way

Added 2014.03.12
Life Long Learning Checklist

Added 2014.03.09
Personal Producvity Seminar at LWCC, Part Two (Power Point in PDF)

Added 2014.02.16
Personal Productivity Seminar at LWCC (Power Point in PDF)

Added 2013.12.10
Life Long Learning and Personal Development. This is a core article that helps you understand how LCI understands the develomental process.

Added 2013.10.07
The Imitation of Christ and the Image of God. A short reflection.  image_imitation_icon_of_christ.pdf

Added 2013.08.24
This is a Fast Company article on the Introvert-Extravert dynamic of personality when it comes to leadership. Very good.

Added 2013.08.10
Effective Adult Learning: A Toolkit for Teaching Adults, developed by Northwest Center for Public Health Policy

Added 2013.05.26
Conducting a Spiritual Audit by Fred Smith.   conducting_a_spiritual_audit_fredsmith.pdf

Added 2013.05.26
Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker.  managingoneself.pdf

Added 2013.05.17
Solitude and Leadership by W. Deresiewicz.   solitude_and_leadership.pdf

Added 2013.05.02
One page overview of The Six Thinking Hats by Brian Rice.  thinking_hats.pdf

Added 2013.05.01
Brief Comments on Personal Development by Brian Rice.   ten_ideas_about_personal_growth.pdf

Added 2013.04.30
Eugene Peterson and running with the horses.  eugene_peterson_run_with_horses.pdf