July 2016

Imitate Don't Copy (Find Your Own Voice)

This was a draft that was posted by mistake... in that it was incomplete thoughts... I did a quick touch-up on it... still not as finished as I would like, but use it as a starting point...


Imitation means you learn from the example of others as they model the way, but don't make yourself a "cheap copy" of someone else.


Borrow the best you can find, but process it deeply and allow your processing and life experiences to morph what you find.


Piece together in new creative combination, differnet best ideas/methods/models from others. There are very few leaders who are truly original. Most of our "originality" is really a creative rearranging of the best we find from others. That itself is an act of originally.

Ten Reasons Leaders (and anyone for that matter) Don't Finish Well

I don't know who the original creator of this image is, you can find it at many places on the internet. My gratitude to the creative individual behind the image.

I can't tell you enough how much I have been influenced by J. Robert Clinton (i.e. Bobby Clinton, and no relationship to a "power couple" in the USA). Bobby Clinton was in the Fuller School of World Missions, where his focus was on leadership. He is a prolific author, although his books are not easy reading. They are loaded with complex systems of development, filled with a terminology that must be grasped, and not especially well-written. However - they are priceless in their content and well worth the time to gather the substance and wisdom on every page.