December 2015

Reformed Theologians on Sanctification

A few years ago I read a quite important book that helped me understand the Reformed tradition more fully. I was reared in a generic evangelical context... and when I went to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, I was introduced to Reformed theology and knew I had found a theological home. Still, I was not native to that territory. 


Later I did a Th.M. degree at Westminster Theological Seminary. My focus was on historical theology. Since I enjoyed both church history and systematic theology, this was a hybrid choice that allowed a lot of leeway for course selection. 

8 Quotes About Libraries and Books

I love libraries. 

I have over 2000 pictures of libraries on two Pinterest Boards. Libraries in the home, public libraries, university libraries, monastic libraries, book shops, reading nooks... I love books and the places we find them, organize them, and enjoy them. I just finished The Meaning of the Library, a collection of 12 essays that look at libraries from antiquity, through the middle ages, on through the Enlightenment and now in to our digital era. This is not a book for the common reader, even one who loves libraries. Most of the essays are pretty specialized. Although the final essay by James Billington, head librarian of the greatest library in history - The Library of Congress, was profoundly moving for me.

Another Top 15 Best Books List

Here is another Top 15 Best Books of 2015 List.

This one comes from Brain Pickings, which is one of the blogs I constantly read. The author is avowedly NOT Christian. But, if you want to stay informed as to some of the best thinking going on in the secular world of literature, science, and culture - this is a good one to read. Or at least skim through.

Are you putting together you reading list for 2016?

I am!

Uncomfortable Work Situations: Which Ones Have You Been In This Past Year?

Merry Christmas Eve to Everyone

Here is another very nice intro Fast Company article about the ten most uncomfortable work situations we might find ourselves in.

Have you been in any of these this year? If so, what did you do about it? How did it turn out? What did you learn through it?

And were there any other uncomfortable ones you were in that are not on this list?

Top Ten Lessons

Hi Everyone

I have been terribly but productively busy the last six weeks, but the blogging time has been hard to come by. I will return to it, but bigger writing projects take my extra time.

I still like to drop ideas your way, so . . .

Here is a real nice Fast Company article on the Ten Best Buisness Leadership Lessons of 2015. I thought you might enjoy it.

Almost Merry Christmas.

One List of Best Business and Productivity Books of 2015

Here is one list of the TEN BEST BUSINESS AND PRODUCTIVITY books of 2015.

As I read over the list, I have a big Uh-Oh!

Why was that? 

Because I had not read a single one of them!

Wow, there is so much stuff out there. In 2015, I will have read bout 50 books on leadership, and in that label I include works on business, and quite a few on personal productivity. 

How about you?

Are there any Best Books in these field that you highly recommend?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International


Essay and Reflection about Reformed Theology and the Spiritual Journey I Am On

Hi Everyone:

This is a MUCH longer blog post than what I typically write. And contrary to all advice, I have not done any work to make it more internet friendly and easier to read.



I wanted to share with you a few thoughts about a very significant book I just finished. I actually bought it two years ago, and it has been sitting on my "to read shelf" (actually shelves) which I am making progress working through.

It is Life in God: John Calvin, Practical Formation and the Future of Protestant Theology by Matthew Boulton.

While this book is the stimulation for this reflection, the reflection goes much broader than the book.

Almost There: Reflections on Turning 59


Almost there! Almost 60, but not quite, not yet. Instead, today, I am 59 years of age. Not 59 years old. Not 59 years young. Just 59. But I will say, it is a very good 59.

When I turned 40 - no big deal. In fact, I was glad. I actually thought, now that I am finally 40, I may have some credibility. At that point I had been in full time Christian ministry for 13 years. I had been doing ministry many years before that, but I started full time work in the church at age 27.

When I turned 50 - no big deal. In fact, the decade of my 40s had been so rich in spiritual formation and leadership learning, I kind of laughed about how little I knew when I was 40.