July 2013

The Gathering Tuesday Recap

I love being with these missional friends. They inspire me. They encourage me. They bless me.

We spend the morning in spiritual formation time, reflecting on our needs and struggles and how we can meet God in those times, especially working through Psalm 42. We had conversations with each other about our experiences and reflections.

We spent two hours listening to excellent TELS talks on themes like:

Adding Value to our Work World as Followers of Christ - Lisa Amspacher

Preparing Hearts for Transformations: Ramblings of a Modern Day Mystic - Mark Harris

Opening a Window to God's Invitatin - Joanne Hilliard

Keep Calm and Carry On - Miriam Phillips

The Missing Jewel of Beauty - Barry Whatley

The Gathering Day Two

We are in Day Two of the LCI Gathering.

Spending time in spiritual formation, spiritual friendship, leadership learning, and just having read and relaxation.

I love being with these missional friends who are committed to the purposes of God in our world. Toward that end, they are highly intentional and strategic about their own personal developmental processes.

One of the fun parts for me is our version of TEDs. WE call it TELS (Theology Education Leadership Spirituality). Yesterday we had six talks by our guests. Today is six more. Telling stories about the things of which we are most passionate.

Brian Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International